Single Vision Prescription Lenses

Manufacturer: Essilor
SKU: SKU15856


Best single vision lenses in the world are delivered to you by Essilor, world leading research vision company in the world. We offer all popular Index and coating options for the crispiest vision.

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Lenses Index

Lenses index determines lenses thickness based on your prescription. The higher the prescription, the more beneficial is to upgrade the index. Follow your doctor recommendation or e-mail us for guidance. Generally if your prescription is +/-2.00 then basic 1.5 Index will work for you well. Otherwise upgrade your index for best-looking lenses. 


At TRENDeyewear, we offer all lenses coating combinations understanding that everyone has different needs and preferences. All coating package is recommended for best results. However, you may decide to choose Anti-glare or scratch-resistant coating only if you use your glasses only for reading and indoors. 


Transitions are regarded as one of the most important break-through inventions in lenses manufacturing. With Transitions option your lenses will change color depending on amount of UV that hits the lens. The brighter is outside, the darker your lenses will become. In cloudier and darker times, your lenses will change color only slightly. When indoors, transition lenses are 100% clear, and no one can even tell they can change color with one step outside.

Blue Ray Blocking

Blue Ray Blocking is a wise selection for general eye health in the modern world. We spend on average 6 hours a day looking at the digital screen that emits harmful blue rays and gradually damage our eyes. Blue-ray blocking coating will prevent eye damage and will turn into best investment you ever made for your eye health.